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Our programs fund k-12 education ...

With significant cuts to education it is not a surprise that schools across the country are facing budget deficits for the basics including teacher payrolls.  Our schools are challenged by increases in classroom size, while fine arts and athletic programs are shrinking in scope.   

Why is this important?

At Blue Basil Group, LLC we believe we all have a vested interest in educating tomorrow’s leaders and that starts with our school systems.  We are passionate about our mission and providing solutions that work!

Academics and success in school is directly linked to engaging students and families at various levels and activities.  Studies show that kids who participate in sports get higher grades, do better with problem solving, are more creative, have higher standardized test scores, and develop better social skills. Additionally, these students have fewer discipline and absenteeism issues, have more confidence and a higher level of self-esteem, maintain a higher level of health and wellness, have more stated goals and aspirations for their future, and are more likely to attend college.  

Sports and fine arts programs bring entire communities together as students, family, alumni, and residents join in the excitement to cheer on the home team and offer a standing ovation for band and theater performances!  Companies across the country are finding that investing in community high school sports and fine arts marketing offers an excellent return on their investment. 


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